Ianterea (I-an-tair-EEuh) is a world made thousand of years ago by an ancient primordial creature who’s name has still never been discovered. What is known is that this primordial controlled wind and dust. It used it’s power to create a tornado like vortex that gathered matter from all over the planes to construct Ianterea, which in the elven tongue means “Old Ones”.
It is still unknown as to whether the primordial intended for the planet to be called Ianterea. The name was first penned by an ancient Elven mystic who claimed that the world was originally constructed to provide land for the primordial’s offspring to dwell. These offspring are known as The Old Ones.

Over much mythos and history, The Old Ones left Ianterea and ascended into the heavens, leaving various flora and fauna in their wake. Over time these lifeforms have claimed the land and sea for their own, and now are in a time that teeters on the brink of war.

Ianterea is comprised of these 5 areas:
The Southern Winds
The Pirate Nation
Tawar i Enteneme

There is the unexplored north which is known as Scorag Saynt


Ianterea (Old Ones) mynameiseno