Government: Dynastic Theocracy
Ruler: Queen Helena Goros
Primary Race: Human
Primary Religion: Mingog
Main Export: Magical Technology

The land formerly known as “The Wasteland” was a lawless country inhabited by insane Gnomes. There were no forest, no animals, and nothing else that resembled life. The Gnomes were too busy exploring wild magic to let anything grow. It wasn’t uncommon for the nights of Anthatal and The Pirate Nation to be lit up with the fires of The Wasteland. Only the suicidal dared to brave The Wastelands’ charred, barren hills and valleys. As long as all the madness of the Gnomes stayed within it’s borders, The Wasteland was left to it’s chaotic, self destructive devices.

A Gnome named Apoq Gwyn decided to organize the Gnomes and focus their efforts. Apoq hated being considered a lesser race by the rest of the world, and knew that the Gnomes were destined for greater things. He focused the Gnome’s magical abilities to create large magical golems that were nigh indestructible, and would serve their master’s will without question. Apog marched his army of Gnomes and Golems across The Wasteland with Anthatal in his sights as the first to fall victim to the wrath of the Gnomes.

Anthatal scouts reported of this activity in The Wasteland. King Erold Stoutfoot III, of the Royal Stoutfoot family, would not let his lands and people suffer under the madness of the Gnomes. He commanded his most efficient General in his service, General Griffon Goros, to take his army into The Wasteland and squash this uprising.

General Griffon Goros was known as the greatest human general to ever live in the history of Ianterea. While great, he was also a zealot of Mingog. He only commanded Humans, as he thought other races inferior. While this was controversial, General Goros always got the job done, so King Stoutfoot III defended his unpopular beliefs and methods.

It was a blood bath. General Goros’ human army laid waste to the Gnomish uprising. Even the Golems couldn’t withstand the tactics, might, and fearlessness of the Goros Human Army.

After the battle concluded, the Gnomes defeated, General Goros stood on the battlefield looking at his victory. He saw the inferior Gnomes hobbling away back to the hills of The Wasteland. He saw the rock and stone that comprised the Golems crumbled across the battlefield with the inscribed runes still glowing with magical power. He also saw an opportunity . . .

The normal protocol was for Goros to take his army back to North Wall, the capital of Anthatal, report his victory with reluctance to his inferior King, and wait until his next conquest. This time would be different.

Goros stayed in The Wasteland with his human army. Over the next year, he had all his warriors write letters to their families telling them to leave what they had in Anthatal and start again in the new Human Nation. Goros also made trade treaties with various Pirate Townships to acquire supplies to build houses and feed families. Goros also found the surviving Gnomes and enslaved them with promises of a roof over their heads and meals every day.

King Stoutfoot III heard of this betrayal, but did not dare march his existing army into the treacherous Wastelands. His other armies were not as resourceful as Goros’ Human army, and he also wouldn’t dare send his army to face Goros and his humans. His army would surely never return. So, King Stoutfoot III left Goros to his new nation. He had no choice.

Over time, through the manipulation of the Gnome’s magika and diligence of the Human citizens, the nation of Mingog was born. Named after the Human God himself, a nation favoring the truly divine race of Humans and crafted to serve the will of Mingog. The once ash ridden Wasteland was now one giant City State covered in obsidian black houses, towering temples, cobblestone streets, Police Golems perfected from the original Gnomish design, and a gothic air of authoritative peace.

Many generations past, and eventually Mingog was forced to open trade to Anthatal. The Pirate Nation was selling supplies to Mingog as second hand items from Anthatal. Eventually Anthatal caught on and stopped trading to The Pirate Nation, which meant that Mingog was left without food. A peace exists between Anthatal and Mingog, albeit forced and tentative.

While Mingog favors humans, it still houses the inferior races. They are treated far from equal. There are Humans only facilities, as well as Humans only shops. No matter where a non-human is, if a Human desires to receive service first, cut in line, or take items right out of the hands of the inferior races to purchase, than it shall be so. Anyone who insists otherwise is punished by fines, jail time, or death depending on the severity of the lack of compliance.
Non humans still frequent Mingog for the opportunities it can provide for work that cannot be found in other nations, various prestigious schools of magical learning, and rarely worrying about crime despite their oppression. The Police Golems of Mingog are second to none in law enforcement and carry out the law of Mingog with extreme prejudice and authority. One must be truly desperate or be a hardcore thrill seeker to commit a crime within the borders of Mingog.

Mingog’s ruler is Queen Helena Goros, a descendant of General Griffon Goros. She is fresh in her rulership, and the other nations of Ianterea have no idea what her plans are. They do know that she is a true daughter of General Griffon Goros, a devout follower of Mingog and his teachings, and unwavering in her belief that Humans are the superior race. Who knows what lies in store for Mingog and it’s people. . . .


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