Human God- Mingog
●Advancement through self knowledge/perfection
●Truth over comfort

Gnome God- Apocryphon Wrecks
●Rebirth in fire
●Unchained mind and will
●Absolute freedom

Clockwork God- Clockrotica Mechaniclit
●Causality, Fate, Order
●Caste System – Everyone does their part, no more no less.
●Goal: Unification, Assimilation, Perfect Order from Chaos
●The Mainspring- Godhood ascendancy
○Phallic Symbol

Conquest God – Fazgulu
●Savors any form of physical combat, exertion. Disdains weakness of any sort.
●Effort, Will, Material Possession, God-of-Self
●Always a thing to be conquered

Entenemé- Nature, Entropy, Creative Destruction
●Elemental, Barbaric
●Nature Spirits, must allow natural processes to take place
●Destroy all who would impede the natural growth and beauty of nature, as all of nature is
created by the spirits of the dea


Ianterea (Old Ones) mynameiseno