Garrick "The Face" Greyjoy (deceased)

"A man is the tool of his own destiny. How effective a tool will you be?" - Garrick Greyjoy


Died outside of East Wall. Killed by bounty hunters.

Garrick is 6 foot, 5 inches tall and weighs 275 lbs. His eye (he only has one, as his left eye has been replaced with an enchanted Cat’s-Eye marble) is a pale violet color. He has a web of scars around his left eye socket that extend up his forehead and down his cheek. His skin a a dark ebony tinged with green.


Garrick had lived a lot in twenty-five years. Not a one of those years could be considered ordinary, by any account.

His mother had been a “merchant captain.” That was a very nice way of saying “pirate.” She smuggled things hither and yon across the seas. She made a good profit at it as well. It was her reputation as a tenacious, reliable captain that had bought her the respect she could not otherwise have earned as a lower-class outsider. The port cities were an excellent place for a person willing to buy their own destiny. Harryne Greyjoy paid it in full.

Harryne was not one to settle down, even with the fathers of her children. She had her first, Caleb, in her early twenties. It was a whirlwind romance with a friendly ship-captrain. Going her separate ways worked well for both parties.

Garrick Greyjoy was conceived amongst fire and ash and briney water. On a routine haul from an inconsequential island, his mother’s ship was boarded by a band of Orcish marauders. They put most of the crew to the sword, stole what they could carry with them, and raped Harryne Greyjoy. Harryne managed to summon the will to return her ship to the harbor.

To Harryne’s credit, she raised the baby like any legitimate son. There could be no denying, however, the ancestry (and therefor, legitimacy) of this child. Rick was born with oversized fang-like teeth, the ebony skin he inherited from his mother was tinged green. His eyes were a deep, burnt orange.

Harryne would go on to bear two more children. They would live a normal life, or as normal a life as one can with a half-orc brother. Garrick was Hallyne’s son, and she loved him with no reservation. The rest of the city was not so obliging.

At the age of six, Garrick was on his way home from errands, when he was cornered by a gang of drunks. He was beaten within an inch of his life, before a benevolent passerby bothered to save him. This passerby was an extremely powerful magus, and scattered the gang of drunks like dust on the wind. He cradled Garrick’s savaged body in his arms, and worked some strong healing magic. The right side of Garrick’s face had been nearly obliterated by an oar. The magus replaced Garrick’s eye with an enchanted cat’s-eye marble that would allow him to sense magic. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this choice, and perhaps it was the only thing the old man had at hand that could fit into a six-year-old’s eye socket. The bone was mended, and Garrick was given a new eye. But the scars, and the changes they wrought, would never leave him. A fine web of scars radiated outward from his right eye, across his brow and down his cheek. The facial hair that eventually grew on that side of his face would ever grow white.

Given his brash nature, and sheer physical size, Garrick began working security detail on his mother’s ships. He picked a weapon as ugly as he was, a greataxe (which he had named, “Claire”), and defended the cargo vehemently. It was not long before the ships he was even rumored to be aboard went unscathed through the waters. He caught the attention of an eccentric Duchess. Her cargo had been aboard the ship Garrick had been stationed aboard. The ship was attacked on its way back to port, but Garrick fought tooth-and-nail to keep the cargo secure, and the ship moving. Upon returning to the port city, the story of Garrick’s bravery spread, and it was not long before he was commissioned as a personal guard for the Duchess. She had many quirks, and taking on a Half-Orc body guard was sure to give her a few laughs at the expense of her frightened foppish counterparts at court. One of her more ridiculous “quirks” was that she had the inclination to deface property wherever she appeared. This was troublesome at parties and other gala events. Garrick was there to make sure she was not bothered, and her eccentricities were suffered.

The wealthy Duchess had a ward, Tesha, an ivory skinned, flame-haired maid of an age with Garrick. They were introduced one evening at a soiree at the Duchess’ manor. The Duchess set quickly to playing matchmaker and attempted to join the two. To great success. Garrick was in love, and despite his faults, Tesha loved him back.

Tesha and Garrick were soon married. But not all was happily ever after. Garrick’s work for the Duchess expanded to the personal security that would accompany precious cargo. He sailed all over the sea, but had to leave Tesha at home. It put a strain on their marriage, and she inevitably cheated on him. He returned home in a fury, but the couple decided to try and work things out. He left his two-year employ with the Duchess and moved into the city to do local muscle work. He was hired as a debt-collector for a local bookie and quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

One day he was sent to collect on a man who swore up and down that he was innocent of the debt. The man evaded Garrick all day, and when Garrick returned home he found the man in his house, with a knife to his wife’s throat. The man became emboldened, and spilt Tesha’s life all over the floor of Garrick’s modest flat. That event changed Garrick Greyjoy forever. Where once he was rash and fiery, he became passive and sullen. He went about his business without the verve or pleasure he once exhibited. He began to view himself as a tool to be directed. He found solace in being directed, in not having to think for himself.

Soon his “business” became the only thing he derived joy from. Being productive was good. Where some men stacked goods, worked hard labor, or crunched numbers, Garrick stacked bodies, worked confessions, and crunched skulls. Garrick made a great business about being efficient and professional.

Two years passed, and Garrick found himself in the galley of a ship, guarding some precious cargo when the ship was boarded by pirate reavers. He fought tooth and nail, but was eventually overpowered. He came to in the quarters of the pirate captain who had taken the ship he was on. She had skin as dark as midnight. She was as deadly with her blades as he was with his two-headed axe. Her name was Kerralyn. She respected his tenacity, and the calm with which he waded through combat. She decided to keep him; as a toy. Their “relationship” blossomed and became a very mutual affair. She lead the raids, and Garrick secured the cargo. They did this for some time, before they decided that the “fun had ended.” Kerralyn dropped Garrick at a dock in the port city he had grown up in, with a modest share of accumulated loot.

Newly “back from the dead,” Garrick was faced with a decision: where to go from here?

Favorite Quotes:
-“This here’s Claire: she’s a wicked bitch. She wants to give you a kiss.”
-“I weren’t built for books or philosophy.”
-“Fate? Naw, it aint fer me. There’s some as say me being a half-orc was the only reason I survived the beatin’ that took me eye… But then, me being a half-orc is the reason I took that beating anyway. Fate… Fate’ll fuck you up.”

27 Questions

1. How old is your character? 25
2. Are your parents still alive? Mother is still alive. Father is a mystery. Will find him soon, and make sure he is dead, if he isn’t already.
3. If one or both of your parents are dead when and how did they die?
4. Who raised you after your parents died?
5. Do you have any siblings? Two brothers and a sister.
6. Have any of them died? No.
7. If any siblings have died how did they die?
8. What do your siblings do? My brother is a captain in the small fleet of ships owned by my mother. My younger brother is a ship’s mate in that same fleet. My sister is a ward to a well-to-do Duchess.
9. Is your character married? No, but he was once. Wife died after being murdered by a debt-dodger.
10. Does your character have children? No.
11. What social class is your character from? Middle class.
12. How has their upbringing affected their world view? My character’s upbringing has instilled the belief that anyone can advance their station in life, and that it is only a matter of will and work.
13. How did your character get started in their chosen class? He started as security for cargo on his mother’s ships. He was grabbed by an eccentric Duchess to be her personal security force. After this he worked in the city as a debt-collector.
14. Does your character have any heroes or inspirational figures? His mother.
15. Does your character have any significant personal items? His heavy-flail, nicknamed Claire, The Wicked Bitch.
16. Is your character religious? No.
17. Is your character guided by a prophecy? Absolutely not.
18. What is your character’s view on magic? It’s useful in a fight, but he has no personal use for it.
19. Has your character ever served in the military? No, but in a navy of sorts (his mother’s fleet).
20. Has your character ever been arrested? What for? No, but that doesn’t mean that everything he has done has been above board.
21. How did your character meet his current adventuring companions?
22. Has your character ever crossed anyone? Lots. Some he can remember, some he can’t. Mostly pirates attempting to board a ship he was on, or a debtor who tried to flee.
23. Does your character have any enemies? His father, if he ever finds him. Other debtors that he has had to hunt down and coerce.
24. What are your character’s goals in life? My character loves the fight, it’s what he’s good at. He likes to be paid to do this. There was a time when all he wanted was to get out of the game, but now he knows that this game is all he has left.
25. How important is the accumulation of wealth? Very. It is not the be all and end all, but you cannot survive in the world without it.
26. If your character died tomorrow what would they be remembered for? Fighting. EVERY DAY OF HIS LIFE.
27. Where did your character learn or train their skills? On the streets of the Port City where he grew up. On the decks of the ships he had to protect. In the backalleys of the poor districts where he had to attain, by force, debts paid in full.

Garrick "The Face" Greyjoy (deceased)

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