Welp & Burv

Teenage Gnome and Really Old Gnome


Welp is a teenage gnome and Burv is his great x10 grandfather. Burv claims to be the oldest living Gnome. He also claims to have been alive during the initial occupation of The Wasteland. Welp interprets all of these claims, as Burv only speaks an extremely old, lost type of Gnomish. Welp is the only person that understands this language, and is in the process of writing a dictionary of this ancient language and a biography of his grandfather, Burv. Ancient Gnomish is 10 times as complex as the Japanese alphabet, so this will take a LONG time.
Some street urchins were robbing Welp & Burv, and SOME HERO saved them. They were given temporary shelter at the apartments, and eventually became members of the revolution. Burv loves sipping on mead and mumbling in Ancient Gnomish.


Welp & Burv

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